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About me

As I've passed the forty year mark of age, I've never had a stronger understanding of my calling... to utilize my assorted skillsets, my decades of experience, and my varied passions... to see people know and grow in their purpose as loving, fully restored children of God, in one of the most unique times of our modern history. 

As a pastor's kid, when I went into full time vocational ministry in 2009, I did so kicking and screaming, adamant that working for a church would ruin my marriage & relationship with God. However, I'm grateful to say God has shown Himself to still be alive and well in His main vehicle to spread the gospel... the church. I've been extremely fortunate to serve in churches like that for over a decade, the most recent at Rise City. 

The opportunity at Rise City was not about what was wrong at my previous church Canyon Springs, but about doing "what's next" for God's kingdom. There were some difficulties for sure, a 3 yr old church, fluctuating staff, a church merger, and a 20% pay-cut were scary factors... but with God's and my wife's blessing, we left an amazing church at Canyon Springs to help build & grow another awesome church at Rise City.

I don't necessarily expect to find greener grass in what's next, because it's greener where you water... I just think the sustainability factor of a lessened income, combined with exponentially heightening living costs in San Diego has created a less fertile soil with which to raise a family.

So as we both explore the opportunities before us, I hope to fulfill that calling to the best of my abilities. I excitedly look forward to exploring this potential collaboration in ministry.

- On a side note, the idea of having a resume for a pastoral job is completely at odds with my heart's alignment for ministry. Trying to impress someone with regards to how good I am at pastoring is laughable to me. I believe a pastoral role is about making less of myself, and much of Jesus, so below I'll just show you nuts and bolts of how I engineer a ministry within a church organization and hopefully not make too much of a fool of myself.

Work Experience

  • Rise City Church - Worship Pastor


    • Manage and Lead Musical Worship & Production for All Sunday Services and Special Events
    • Develop and Cultivate Volunteer & Professional Teams for Music, Video & Live Production
    • Maintaining a Strict Worship and Production Budget
    • Planning and Directing Special Creative Elements
    • Oversee all Stage, Projection, and Lighting Design
    • Assist in Conducting an International Mission Trip to Mexico
    • Serve on the Navigation Team for Church Direction
    • Supervise and Direct Online Services
    • Produce, Mix, and Edit, Live Worship Music Videos for Online & Social Media
  • Canyon Spring Church - Worship & Creative Arts Pastor


    • Lead Musical Worship & Production of All Sunday Services and Special Events
    • Directing and Managing Special Creative Elements
    • Develop and Cultivate Volunteer Teams for Music, Video, Live Production, etc.
    • Maintaining a Tight Worship and Production Budget
    • Stage, Projection, and Lighting Design
    • Assist in Conducting International Mission Trips to Haiti & Belize
  • Independent Contractor - Musician & Worship Leader


    • Leading Musical Worship for Conferences, Retreats, Special Events, etc.
    • Coordinating Production Logistics for Events
    • Assembling Musicians for Unique Bands & Experiences
    • Audio Recording / Production
    • Video Production
    • Performing for Special Events Including NFL, MLB, NCAA, etc.

Personality Tests

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Skills & Attributes

  • Strong Lead Vocals, Working Competency in Guitars, Bass & Drums
  • Management Techniques in Team Building, Planning, Communication, Decision-Making, Delegation, Problem Solving, and Time Management
  • Building Sustainable, Scaleable Systems and Processes Utilizing Six Sigma Training
  • Proficient in Pro Audio Techniques for Live and Studio Applications (Micing, Gain Staging, EQ, Compression, Mixing, Mastering, etc.)
  • Experienced in Pro Video Production including Live and Streaming (Video Composition, Lighting, Editing, Switching, Rigging, etc.)
  • High Levels of Proficiency in Programs such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Logic X, Planning Center Online, Propresenter, Multitracks, etc.
  • Personally Maintains High Values in areas of Integrity, Responsibility, Work Ethic, Relational Capitol, and a Deep Rooted Desire for Each Person to Explore God's Best Plan for Their Lives
  • Fully Embraces Alopecia of the Calvaria


With these videos I hope to show some of the varying types of environments & productions I've created.



  • Courtney Owen - Former Volunteer Worship Leader

    Rise City Church

    Courtney served in the Worship Ministry at Rise City, and left the team to pursue ministry in another state with her husband Andy. She will give you my strengths & weaknesses from the perspective of a volunteer serving in a ministry I oversee.

    (858) 775-5573

  • Troy Dewey - Men's Ministry Pastor

    Maranatha Chapel

    For the last few years, Troy has consistently brought me in to lead worship for the Men's Ministry at Maranatha. I believe his perspective is unique and I value what he brings to the table.

    (858) 204-3606

  • Mingo Palacios - Torrey Pines Church Pastor

    Eastlake Church

    Having worked with Mingo at various church retreats, camps and events has solidified a ministry friendship that's lasted since 2002. This guy will tell you plainly about me and won't pull punches.

    (619) 504-6217

  • Jack Hawkins - Lead Pastor

    Canyon Springs Church

    I worked as the worship pastor under Jack for almost 8 years. I value him, his family, and his perspectives. He'll tell you honestly what it was like having me work for him.

    (858) 414-7777

  • Jonathan Schmitz - Worship & Creative Arts Pastor

    Canyon Springs Church

    After I left Canyon Springs in 2017, Jonathan came in and replaced me as the new Worship and Creative Arts Pastor. Who better to give a personal account than the person stepping into the role I once held?

    (509) 389-9144


To this point, you've reviewed my online resume, something inherently steeped in vanity... somewhat calculated and polished... I've displayed some of the skillsets I've acquired over the years... shown you some of the videos I've made... some of the music I've recorded and produced... but ultimately, those things aren't why I do this. In the end, all these things are vehicles towards my purpose... we were created to worship, to give ourselves back to God because of what He has done for us. A life given back to God as a form of worship doesn't fit neatly on a resume... To pastor someone in worship isn't a cleanly measurable data point... many times, at best, I feel we can only pastor the disciplines of a transformed heart... pointing people towards God's best for their lives... and that the actual transformation is the responsibility of the Holy Spirit when a contrite soul is vulnerable to Him. The reason I pastor is because I get to be on the front row of that.

As we explore if we'll be working together in the future, I'll be praying for the clarity we both seek in our next season.

Thank you for what you do.